How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Buy Or Sell Your Next Property

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How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Buy Or Sell Your Next Property

When a property is bought or sold, real estate laws must be followed to ensure that the transaction is both fair and legal for the buyer and seller. A real estate attorney can make sure that the entire process of buying or selling a property is done so lawfully, and this representative can be hired along with your agent, broker, or other real estate professionals that you need to work with you to complete the process. Here are some of the things that a real estate attorney can do to help you ensure a smooth transfer of property ownership.

Title Management

Whether you'll be obtaining a title to a property that you're buying or transferring the title to the new owner, a real estate lawyer can help you with all the fine details. These lawyers know how to perform title searches to ensure that property owners are the rightful owners and are allowed to sell. Title insurance policies can also be written and reviewed to help prevent financial losses that could occur from dealing with bad titles that aren't legal.

Review Contracts

Real estate transactions usually involve a lot of contracts, and your real estate attorney can make sure that anyone who's entered a contract with you is living up to their end of the deal. These lawyers regularly review executory and non-executory contracts as well as unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral contracts and can go through all the complex details so that you won't have to try to make sense of everything on your own. Any construction or loan contracts that you have can also be looked over closely and enforced with help from your attorney.

Attend Your Closing

You may be required by law to have a real estate attorney present at your closing to ensure that the sale is legal, but you should consider having your attorney present at closing anyway to give you more assurance. Before closing, your attorney will look over all the paperwork and other details of the sale carefully so that any discrepancies that are discovered can be settled in advance. All final signatures that must be obtained at closing can also be overseen by the attorney so that everything is verified.

Resolve Disputes In or Out of Court

Any disputes that arise from the buying or selling of a property can be managed better if you've retained a real estate attorney. From title and insurance disputes to square footage and amenity discrepancies, real estate attorneys help clients manage many types of conflicts. If a dispute can't be resolved without a judge's ruling, your real estate attorney can represent you in court and present the evidence that's intended to help you come out on the winning end.  

You can definitely give yourself an advantage by hiring a real estate attorney who knows about the different aspects of real estate law. A good attorney will also know about the specific laws that apply directly to your transaction and will explain the details in terms that are easy to understand.

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